Beautiful northern lights this morning over my city Uppsala, Sweden

Norrsken, aurora borealis, Uppsala, domkyrka, sweden

13. 02. 2015

I am always drawn to lakes.There is something so peaceful about piers by the water. (At Krusenberg Herrgård)

Krusenberg herrgård, Johannes Rousseau

11. 02. 2015

Here another picture from the beautiful sunset at Krusenberg Herrgård yesterday.

Krusenberg Herrgård, Johannes Rousseau

10. 02. 2015

Absolutely amazing sunset today at Krusenberg Herrgård.

Krusenberg herrgård, Johannes Rousseau

08. 02. 2015

Back from a windy but wonderful photo tour to Landsort, Öja. The most southern point of the Stockholm archipelago with Sweden’s oldest lighthouse. I wanted to stay untill sunset, but the ferry was leaving at 15:20. Next time! :-)

Landsort Öja Johannes Rousseau

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