14. 01. 2015

Fantastic blue hour in Uppsala today.

Johannes Rousseau Uppsala

Yesterday I took a trip to Grisslehamn with some friends. We found a beautiful little house on the rocks. It’s the studio of the famous artist Albert Engström.

Johannes Rousseau Grisslehamn, Albert Engström

11. 01. 2015

The snow finally arrived. Today I walked through the woods near Hammarskog and photographed the beautiful treelines covered in snow.

Johannes Rousseau

Today I took a trip to Kapplasse nature reserve in Uppland. I was only able to get a few pictures before it started snowing heavily and we had to head back home. But I will definitely go back there when the weather allows it.

Thank you to Möller bil Audi Uppsala that make these trips possible.

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04. 01. 2015

Uppsala countryside today. There’s something so beautiful and majestic about moonrises.

Johannes Rousseau

Johannes Rousseau (2)